High school seniors in Cumberland, Wisconsin were able to pull off a senior prank so good, even local law enforcement sent out their praise.

A Facebook post says the prank had everyone a little nervous. As described in the post, students positioned an old junk car in front of what appeared to be a huge hole in the side of the building. The hole appeared to be just outside of where the principal’s office is located.

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The catch is it wasn’t an actual hole. The students used tape and tarp to create the illusion of a hole, making it look as if the car crashed into the building.

(Photo source: Facebook)

Students even added loose bricks to the “accident” and tape for skid marks to add to the illusion.

Cumberland School District said the best part about the prank was that absolutely no damage was done to the school, which was why police singled it out. Cumberland police deemed it “one of the best senior pranks”.

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