In addition to Gordon and Florence, two other disturbances loom in the eastern Atlantic with Florence not showing any signs of weakening while moving west.

Gordon is now a tropical depression as it continues bringing heavy rain to Mississippi and Alabama while Hurricane Florence is now a category 4 hurricane moving west toward Bermuda.

As far as local impacts are concerned, Gordon will continue to be a non-issue for the Carolinas, although a cold front will attached to it and push it northeast. Being along the cold front and well south of Gordon, all we'll see is a few showers and storms.

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Florence continues to out-perform previous forecasts and continues to push to the west, and could potentially hit the Island of Bermuda by this weekend/early next week.

Some recent model guidance has indicated it not necessarily hitting the U.S. east coast, but at least making a close pass on it early to mid next week before turning north and back out to sea.

The possible reason for this is forecast strengthening of a ridge (area of high pressure) to the north of the storm which, with its clock wise circulation, would push the storm farther south and moving west as opposed to northwest.

It's likely that eventually once it moves past this ridge and encounters weaker steering in that direction, it will revert back to its WNW or even NW motion which would keep it away from the U.S. eastern coastline.

Additionally, there are two other non-named disturbances off the west coast of Africa in the wake of Florence, one of which that will likely become at least a tropical depression if not a named storm in the next couple days.

If one or both of these become named, the next two names on this year's list are 'Helene' and 'Isaac.'

We're close to the peak of Atlantic hurricane season, and it is certainly showing right now, so be sure to stay updated to with FOX Carolina as tropical activity continues.

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