Fighting tears and laughs, Michelle Rebman shared her heart and a piece of her husband's spirit.

"In a world so full of strife and conflict, you don't always get to choose whose window you approach or who ends up in the back of your patrol car. But you do get to choose the heart with which you approach those people," she said.

Family and friends called her husband Keith, but those who never knew him will see him as Trooper Daniel Keith Rebman, Jr. when they pass the memorial intersection sign just off Interstate 385 near the Bridges Road Exit in Greenville County.

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"Never have I felt so helpless as when I was awakened in the middle of the night and taken to the hospital to say goodbye to my sweetheart," she said.

Nearly a year ago, a driver hit Rebman as he sat in his cruiser in the emergency lane of Interstate 385. He later died at the hospital.

"If you are sitting here today, God has a purpose for you. This is your time on Earth to make an impact, to leave a legacy, and to follow in the footsteps of the heroes before you," Michelle Rebman said.

On Wednesday, during a celebration, troopers and Rebman's family unveiled a replica of the sign at Morningside Baptist Church.

"He knew this job would cost him his life, I knew this job would cost him his life- I couldn't have changed his mind if I would've tried," Dan Rebman said.

He's Keith Rebman's father.

"On October 24 last year, Trooper Rebman got knocked down for the last time," Dan Rebman said."The Rebman family sincerely thank you for honoring the courage of my son by placing his name as a reminder and it should be a reminder to all of you in law enforcement of your courage."

Michelle Rebman says now when anyone drives by the sign maybe they will remember his sacrifice and will kiss their loved ones before they say goodbye.

"I used to tell my husband when he went out, be the good guy. Do what you need to do, but when possible always be kind- and he truly was," she said.

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