The Spartanburg Police Department said a suspect is in custody after a kidnapping incident and an assault on an officer. Officers were called to a disturbance involving a weapon on E Hampton Avenue around 2:40 p.m. on Sunday.

According to the incident report, a victim said 24-year-old Nigel Littlejohn arrived at his home unexpectedly and demanded the victim's Xanax prescription. Littlejohn is accused of producing a handgun during the incident and ordering the victim into his car, saying he would kill the victim if he didn't comply.

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Police said the victim fled into his home and locked the door, calling 911.

When officers arrived on scene, they said Littlejohn was initially cordial, but when an officer tried to detain him, he began to flee towards his vehicle. The incident report states that an officer, fearing Littlejohn was going to retrieve the handgun from his car, tried to subdue him but Littlejohn dragged the officer "with ease," and pulled him into the car door.

The officer said Littlejohn tried to close the door on him while he was trapped in the jamb, hitting him in the arm multiple times.

The report states that at some point, the officer drew his weapon and ordered Littlejohn to get out of the vehicle, saying he was going to shoot him. Littlejohn did not comply and another officer on scene used his stun gun, the report states.

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Police said Littlejohn was "only briefly" affected by the stun gun and eventually fled the scene in his car.

A BOLO was issued for Littlejohn's vehicle, which was found wrecked a short distance from where the struggle took place. The suspect was tracked by K-9s and taken into custody.

Littlejohn is charged with kidnapping, resisting arrest with assault, malicious injury to personal property, strong arm robbery, pointing and presenting a firearm and aggravated assault and battery.

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