Lucky to be alive. That's how three people from the Upstate are feeling after they were involved in a bad rollover wreck on I-385 Sunday afternoon.

Now, those involved want to thank the other drivers who stopped to check on them. And there's one good Samaritan in particular they're looking for.

The passenger in the car, Salem Cody, wants to find the woman who stopped to pray over her after the accident. She says the woman's words were calming and helped to keep her sane in the chaos.

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On Monday, Salem and her boyfriend Timothy Walker are recovering at home. They had some bad cuts and bruises as well as some broken bones. Timothy's daughter was also in the car and is dealing with some injuries.

The three were in I-385 Sunday around 3:30 in the afternoon when they say another car cut them off in the far left lane, and they hit some standing water when they tried to brake.

Walker was behind the wheel and explained what happened.

"This guy had come on my right side, I had seen him back a few miles and he came up on my right side and he went to swerve over," he said. "And as soon as he did he just missed the front of the car, and the guy in front of me tapped on his brakes and the guy slowed down, but when I did mine there was no control, we were in the middle of a huge river-like water running across I-385 and it was really bad right there."

They say the car then hydroplaned and flipped several times.

Several people stopped to help and check on everyone, but Salem wants to meet this one good Samaritan in particular.

"I remember hearing sirens, I remember all these people coming and trying to help us and I remember this one specific lady who knelt down beside me and said 'God is with you and everything is going to be OK'," Salem said.

Salem said she doesn't remember other parts of what happened after the accident, so she's been asking people on facebook to share photos if they took any, to try to find the woman who prayed over her.

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